Automated Car Washes Are Better For The Environment?

Preventing Water Pollution
Many people don’t know that washing vehicles on pavement causes harm to local waterways which is one of the main reasons why automated car washes are better for the environment. Water entering storm drains, unlike water that enters sanitary sewers, does not undergo treatment before it is discharged. So, when cars are washed on streets, parking lots and driveways, that dirty water eventually winds up in rivers, streams and lakes. Washing one car may not seem to be a problem, but collectively, car-washing activity adds up to big problems for our waterways and aquatic life.

A study by the City of Federal Way (Washington) found that residential car washing led to the following being released into their storm sewer system:
190 gallons (719 liters) of gasoline, diesel and motor oil
400 pounds of phosphorus and nitrogen
60 pounds of ammonia
2,200 pounds of surfactants
3,000 pounds of solids

This is the total annual release, and only for their community of 62,000 passenger cars and trucks! With more than 300 million registered passenger vehicles in North America, the enormity of the pollution problem becomes obvious
Reasons to Wash Your Car

#1Use less water, and “return it” cleanly!
Using a WaterSavers wash ensures that you are using less water than regular driveway or pavement washing, and that all runoff water is returned safely to the environment.

#2Protect your investment.
The better the condition of your vehicle, the higher the resale or trade-in value. Depending upon the vehicle, regular cleaning can equate to thousands of dollars in value. Acid rain, road salt, bird droppings and sun damage are just some of the threats to your car’s condition that can be addressed by regular car care. Click here to learn more.

#3Take pride and feel good.
A clean car looks better and communicates pride. Who doesn’t feel better driving a clean car?

#4Drive safely.
Washing regularly keeps windshields, mirrors and signal lights clean. You will see more of the road, and others will be better able to see you.

#5 Improve fuel economy.
Did you know that the cleaner your car, the less wind resistance? That means better fuel economy.Click here to learn more.

#6Save time and money.
Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it in your driveway or at the store buying supplies. Instead, visit a professional car wash and get a great wash, at the right price, in just a few minutes.

#7It’s safe for the vehicle.
The world’s automobile manufacturers trust professional car washes with their new vehicles and so can you. Today’s car wash technology is washing cars more safely and effectively than ever before. And, a recent study of more than 5 million car washes revealed the rate of damage to be less than one-tenth of one percent – and that even included pre-existing damage (i.e. vehicles that come to the car wash that are already damaged)!

#8Protect yourself from bacteria.
Regular cleaning of your car’s interior can help keep away bacteria and other “bugs” that accumulate on steering wheels, gear shifts, radio buttons and other commonly touched places.

Visit for more information.

Are Automated Car Washes Are Better For The Environment

So come on down to Sam’s Xpress! Not only are you saving the environment, you also save time! It takes about 3 minutes to go through the wash!

Signing off… Saving the planet one car wash at a time






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