Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions for your convenience!

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What are your hours of operation?

Monday – Sunday 7:30am-9:00pm

Rain or Shine!

Are your vacuums free?

The self-serve vacuums are included with any car wash purchase or if you are an Unlimited Top Wash Club Member. If you’d like to use the vacuums without purchasing a car wash, the charge is $3 for unlimited use.

Is there a time limit on the vacuums?

No. Vacuums are limited so please be courteous of others on busy days.

What is the 4-day rewash?

The 4-day rewash is included with every Top Wash purchase. You can wash the same vehicle again within 4 days from your purchase. Present the original receipt and scan the bar code to redeem your free Top Wash.

How safe is your car wash?

The Sam’s Xpress® wash process relies on cutting-edge wash equipment built to provide the most effective, paint-safe vehicle wash possible.

Trusted by vehicle manufacturers, Belanger wash equipment is used in over 80% of North American assembly plants and new vehicle distribution centers, as well as many auto dealers. Chances are, if you buy a new vehicle in North America, it has already been washed at least twice by Belanger equipment!

Every Sam’s Xpress® car wash uses this same technology. The smooth, computer-controlled conveyor pulls your vehicle through the wash with ‘to-the-inch’ precision. Each vehicle is automatically measured for customized cleaning. Then the wash wheels use electronic and air-actuated controls to ensure every surface is cleaned with the right pressure, accurately-injected soaps, and overlapping wash coverage.

Those wash wheels use gentle, light and soft closed-cell foam to provide a ‘just right’ cleaning touch that won’t hold dirt, retain water, or grow heavy and aggressively slap the vehicle like cloth washes can.

What’s more, washing at Sam’s Xpress® is better for the environment – and your vehicle! Our highly-efficient automated process uses less than half the water of home washing. And it delivers more consistent, higher-quality wash results, every car, every time.


Why not wash at home?

Home washing wastes water – our most precious environmental resource – by using more than twice the amount required for a Sam’s Xpress® wash. Driveway washing is also bad for the environment when soaps and other chemicals leech into groundwater or run into storm sewers, where they can contaminate lakes and streams, and threaten wildlife populations.

Home washing also leads to paint damage and premature vehicle surface aging, as shown by a University of Texas study. Home washers often use soaps that are too harsh for vehicle paint, like dish soap, which can strip waxes and protective coating and dull clear coat finishes. Hand wash mitts often hold dirt and debris, creating many fine scratches with every wash. And the ordinary garden hose can’t deliver enough water volume or pressure to adequately rinse the vehicle, potentially leaving caustic soap residue to bake on the surface.

The University of Texas study found that hand wash jobs are extremely harmful to automobile finishes – tests showed showed that a single home hand wash on an automobile can produce scratches that penetrate as deep as 1/10 of the total thickness of the automobile’s paint. That’s not surprising since the factory clear coat is only 1.5 to 2 mils thick – about the same as a plastic sandwich bag!

The tests further showed that hand car washing can produce so many marks on a car’s finish that they cannot even be counted. The tests showed that in all hand washing temperatures, surface reflectance readings steadily declined, with some hand washing techniques being considerably worse than others. By contrast, when cars were washed by professional car washes like Sam’s Xpress®, there was virtually no change in the surface reflectance or shine readings.


So please, do your car a favor – and trust Sam’s Xpress® to professionally care for its finish.

Are there any vehicles you cannot wash?


  • Vehicles taller than 7’4″
  • Tires wider than 13″
  • Vehicles with any type of “rack”
    • ex: bike racks, ladder racks, etc.

Do you all offer an Unlimited Wash Program?

Yes! We offer the Unlimited Top Wash Club for our customers who LOVE having a clean car all the time!


Visit our Unlimited Top Wash Club page for more membership FAQ’s

Do you all offer hand washing or hand waxing services?

No. Our model is designed to offer an exceptional automatic car wash experience with FREE self-vacuums to use. We offer car care products for purchase in our vending machines for your convenience. All car care vending item prices range from $1-$2.

Do you all have fundraising opportunities?

Yes, we are dedicated to lending a helping hand to the communities we are in. Please visit our fundraising page at to request more information.

Do you all sponsor and/or donate to local organizations?

Yes! Sam’s Xpress® is dedicated to help organizations that enrich the lives of others through charitable giving, scholarship, educational resources, or extracurricular activity.

For consideration, please submit information at

I own a business or have a company car, do you all offer fleet pricing?

Yes. We have a variety of programs to fit your needs whether your fleet is large or small!

Please visit our Fleet page to request more information

Do you all recycle your water?

Yes! Sam’s Xpress® is committed to protecting our environment. 90% of the water used is recycled; the remaining 10% is treated and returned safely back to the environment.