Sams Xpress Car Wash
Sam's Xpress® Fort Mill Survey

Sam's Xpress® Fort Mill Survey

You could Win a FREE month of Unlimited Washes (up to 5 winners) when you submit this survey to be entered into a random drawing!

Are you a current Unlimited Wash Club Member?


If you are/were a member how was the sign up process?


How often do you wash your car?


Do you wash at any other Sam's Xpress® location? If yes, which one?

Wash anywhere else?


What do you value most about Sam's Xpress®?


How far do you drive to Sam's Xpress® Fort Mill?


How long have you known about Sam's Xpress®?


Are you following us on social media? If yes, which one?

Following on Social?


Provide your contact information if you want to be entered to win.


Winners(5 total) of the 1 month of Unlimited Top Washes will be announced through an email when the survey has ended. This survey will run until June 30th, 2022 or until otherwise posted. Surveys must be submitted with full contact information in order to qualify for the drawing. Multiple surveys from a single person will only count as one. Abuse of this survey will result in immediate disqualification, and all actions are at the discretion of Sam's Xpress®.

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