Why Fundraise with us?

It’s simple!

With our Car Wash Fundraising Program, we aim to be a friend to the community by assisting local groups or organizations which are not established for the purpose of making a profit. The group’s objectives must include enriching the lives of others through charitable giving, scholarship, educational resources, or extracurricular activity.

At Sam’s Xpress, being socially and environmentally responsible is of the utmost importance. The dirty water from washing your cars on streets, parking lots and drive- ways, eventually winds up in rivers, streams and lakes.We use an average of no more than 15 gallons of fresh water per car. All of that water is either recycled or returned to the environment cleanly. Using a garden hose at home, you can use more than 60 gallons in as little as five minutes!

So, let us do the work for you and help keep our environment clean! We offer a fundraising program that allows your organization to keep 50% of the gross sales; with no money up front!

Our fundraising program is simple and can be tailored to any group, big or small. This program has helped dozens of charitable causes to reach their goals and we look forward to helping you to reach yours, as well!

Simply reach out to us today.

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